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Known problems in BDA and ways around them

  • Sometimes, the database management system used in the BDA software is not installed properly, producing errors like:

    System Error #3603:ooHandle(ooFDobj)::open():Cannot open journal directory

    In CBDASLApp::Initinstance():FAiled initializing Schema Database session object

    Check to see if the TCP/IP protocol is installed by clicking the right mouse button on the "Network Neighborhood" icon on the Desktop, selecting properties, and then looking in the "Protocols" tab.  If TCP/IP does not appear on the protocols list, install it by clicking on the "Add" button.

    Install the database management system from a DOS shell. Windows typically installs DOS such that it can be run from the Start button. It can typically be found under the "Programs" heading and is usually listed as either "MS-DOS Prompt" or "Command Prompt" (for Win9x and NT respectively). Once DOS has been started, the directory must be changed to the BDA directory and the "ooinstallfd" program should be run as follows:

    ooinstallfd -standalone -lockserverhost <name of your computer> bdadb3

    The computer name can be found by clicking the right mouse button on the "Network Neighborhood" icon on the Desktop, selecting properties, and then looking in the "Identification" tab.

  • In SGE, you can move a space, by selecting it and clicking on the "move" button, but it is not currently possible to edit a space by dragging walls or wall joints to change the size and/or shape.  If a space needs to be edited, it has to be deleted and recreated.
  • If you use non-alphanumeric characters in the name of a project, such as "?" ";", etc., the BDA will complain only when you try to save the project, it will refuse to save it and quitDo not use non-alphanumeric characters in  project names.
  • If you try to draw a window on an interior wall, SGE will properly notify you that you cannot have windows on interior walls.  Sometimes, though, it will not let you continue, giving you the same error when you try to draw on an exterior wallHitting the ESC key will take you out of the "window draw" mode and you can start again.
  • When you change an Object in the Browser by selecting another option from the BDA libraries, the left window does not automatically reflect the changesSelecting another object and then the object under consideration will display the updated properties.
  • If a crash should occur while running BDA, the user may notice an "Error: unable to find oo..." type of message when BDA is subsequently started. Once this error message is acknowledged, the user should cancel from the Open Project dialog and exit BDA. Then upon starting BDA again, the error will not occur and the program should run normally.
  • The placement/removal of roofs is automatically done by the BDA. When a new space is drawn, the BDA will remove the roofs of any overlapped space on the floor below.  However, the whole roof is removed for each overlapped space, rather than only a fraction of the roof that corresponds to the overlap.
  • Though BDA allows the user to edit the size of the drawing area, this is not fully functional as yet. The user will not be able to draw outside the original drawing area. This is a known bug which needs to be corrected.

  • The version of DOE2.1E that is linked to BDA sometimes hangs with large projects. Save the project frequently and if the simulation hangs, use the task manager to exit out of BDA. Try restarting the project and running the simulation again.

  • BDA is not backward compatible. Older versions of BDA projects cannot be imported into newer versions. 


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