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Weather Data Sources

Here is a list of weather data sources that you may find useful:
  • Weather Bank sells hourly data for $50 per year. Call Steve Root at WeatherBank (405) 359-0773.

  • The Northeast Regional Climate Center has some weather data too.

  • The GRI site supplies free data for all the main NWS stations. It provides hourly temperature, moisture, pressure and wind, one month at a time.

  • NASA provides solar irradiation data for any place on earth based on satellite measurements.

  • The WMO (World Meterological Organisation) CD contains average monthly data (except for wind speeds).

  • ASCII weather files are available from http://DOE2.com and http://www.ies4d.com. These ASCII files are not in typical NOAA format and still need a substantial amount of work to be able to read and convert them into DOE-2 BIN files.

  • In the late 1980s a task group for the Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers (CIBSE) in the UK assembled example weather years for 15 sites in the UK to be used for building simulation work.

  • The METEONORM software is able to generate hourly data for virtually any location in the world. Data can be directly formatted for DOE.

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