Example BSDFs

File NameDescription
clear.xml.zip 100% specular transmission - contains only front transmission data. (not all that interesting but usefull for understanding BSDFs)
diffuse50.xml.zip 50% lambertian diffusion - contains only front transmission data. (again not all that interesting but useful)
ExtVenetianBlind_17tilt.xml.zip double glazing with low-e coating and exterior venetian blinds - white curved slats at a 17 degree tilt.
Contains data for front & back, transmission & reflection.

Users can create BSDF files using RADIANCE's genBSDF or LBNL WINDOW 6.3.

BSDF Viewer Program Download

You can download stand alone versions BSDF viewer from: http://www.radiance-online.org/download-install/bsdf-viewer